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Real Estate
Sales Leads

Real Estate Communications Platform Delivers Results

  • Connect to active buyers with inbound telephone calls and video conferencing.

  • Comprehend  buyer sentiment using AI to help identify who's hot and who's not.

  • Convert more buyers with subject matter relevance and sentiment intensity.

* Not available in Massachusetts

Why are we essential?

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Pricing Power

High quality, dramatic, easy to consume, promotional real estate videos frequently deliver more offers and produce a higher offer price.  

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Generate Referrals

Identify likely referral providers  using sentiment analysis.  Know how customers and clients feel about your brand.   Optimize and upgrade your marketing and sales strategy. 

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Purple Cow

Differentiate your listings  by promoting with high quality videos and photos.  Create drama and excitement with aerial videography and professional real estate video production.

Live Virtual Open Houses


Listing Presentations

Virtual Open Houses


Easy to schedule: send virtual Open House email invitations directly from your CXi360 dashboard to schedule virtual showings.

Personalized meeting links: Create and use personalized meeting URLs for your virtual Open Houses.

Easy to Use


Simplified join experience: Attendees can join a virtual showing directly from a web page - no need to download an app.  Virtual Open Houses are available from PC, tablets and smartphones.

Optimized showing experience:  Audio and video quality are optimized for a great virtual showing experience for all meeting participants, whether co-located or distributed globally.

Dial-in: CXi360 offers dial-in numbers in over 80 countries and low per minute rates. 



Virtual Open House Engagement

Live Virtual Open Houses: Now you can show real estate by broadcasting using your phone to your showing attendees easily and securely.  Talk live to your attendees while videoing property.  Your virtual Open Houses are recorded, organized and analyzed and in the CXi360 dashboard identifying hot leads.

Screen share: You can share your screen or a selected window to show property to attendees. Property images and information are presented by the real estate agent to the virtual showing attendees.

Visual roster: The visual roster lets you see who has joined or declined the meeting, who is running late, who is currently speaking, and lets you see where background noise is coming from so you can mute that line.

Video Tiles: You can enable video with one click to interact with your meeting attendees visually.  CXi360 supports picture-in-picture for 1:1 meetings and featured video.


Show Property While Staying Safe

Live Video Open Houses: Create and strengthen contact relationships while keeping everyone safe from community spread infection using CXi360 virtual Open Houses.

Easy to Join: Showing attendees can join virtual Open Houses by simply entering the meeting ID into a web page.

AI Enabled: Automatic sentiment and subject matter analysis to identify hot contacts ready to buy.


Team Collaboration


You can chat with colleagues directly, in a group, or in a chat room. You can share attachments up to 50 megabytes, search contacts, conversations, and chat rooms, and read conversations across all devices.

Chat rooms: Chat Rooms can be created to enable multiple users to collaborate on projects, share files with colleagues and clients.

1:1 voice and video calls: You can make instant person-to-person voice and video calls (VoIP) letting you quickly escalate from messaging to voice or video chat as needed. With call history your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are listed making it easy to return a call, send a message, or add a new contact.

Smart Presence: Uses smart presence to indicate your status, where green means you’re available, and red means you’re busy. You can also manually set your presence to indicate that you’re not available, or hide your presence status entirely.



Business Conferencing


Conference Bridge: 4 Person telephone conference bridge for team and client collaboration.

Switch Between Devices: You can switch active calls between mobile and desktop devices without interrupting your conversation.

CXi360 Dashboard: You can see a list of the calls that you’ve placed, answered, or missed. With a few clicks you can redial, reply with a message, or return a missed call.

Turns Calls into Virtual Showings: You can add additional participants to your 1:1 phone call to turn it into a CXi360 virutal showing.

CXi360 Virtual Showings
  • Agents - demonstrate how you will market your client's home with real estate virtual showings.
  • Live buyer engagement for your listings with exciting, informative real estate virtual showings.
  • Automatic virtual showing analytics measuring engagement performance.
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